Vision Vision

Our vision is simple: use our data gathering, analysis and simulation skills to help companies and organizations become more effective at what they do. By providing clarity in terms of their situation and predictability when it comes to assessing change, we aim to give our clients a better chance of reaching their full potential.

What we do

We live in a world characterized by complexity. Whether it’s a technical installation, like a factory, building or highway, or a situation involving complex movements of people, as in a store or large public event, the underlying complexities are often similar in nature, involving many different, interconnected parts and intricate processes and flows. Through our statistical data analyses and simulations, we identify bottlenecks as well as the most promising areas for improvement. Our methods often uncover simple – yet overlooked – solutions which can make a large difference. In situations of more radical change, we help clients see the results of their ideas before they invest in them. That saves them time and, potentially, a lot of money.


How we work

We always strive to bring the following principles to bear on our projects:

  • Reliability – we are here for the whole project; our work is not done until our client is completely satisfied.
  • Expertise – we provide clients the highest levels of expertise in our chosen fields, and continuously learn in order to remain state-of-the-art.
  • Cost-effectiveness – our goal is to save clients money; an investment in us should pay for itself through future savings.
  • Client-centricity – we choose the best technology and methods based on our clients’ needs, not our own personal preferences.
  • Sustainability – we build sustainable solutions that fit the clients’ environment and can easily be expanded to meet future needs.
ASE’s vision is to help clients save money and improve results through statistical data analysis and simulations.

Our principles

These are the maxims we follow when working on a project for our clients:

  • Take a broad viewwe look to provide holistic solutions that bring the greatest added value to the system as a whole.
  • Gather all relevant information – we aim to gather all relevant information from throughout the organization; you never know where a good idea might be lurking.
  • Remain impartial and open – we weigh all possible solutions impartially, and choose the best idea no matter where it originates.
  • Create acceptance throughout the organization – we help clients visualize and communicate change throughout their organization, promoting acceptance.