Risk-based Maintenance Risk-based Maintenance

Effective maintenance planning requires weighing the known costs of a maintenance strategy against the potential costs of equipment failure. With our unique risk-based approach, we help you find the ideal balance.

Balancing act

Developing a maintenance strategy for a large technical installation involves tradeoffs. If your plan is too robust, you run the risk of overspending. If it is not robust enough, you run the risk of costly malfunctions.


While maintenance planners routinely weigh such considerations, very few employ a disciplined risk-based approach. At ASE, we are changing that.


How to find the right balance between sensible prevention and overspending?

Using our analysis and modeling expertise, we have developed powerful methods to evaluate maintenance-related risks for complex installations. Looking at your setup as a whole, we can calculate the risk of malfunction for each of the individual parts, the ramifications for the overall system, and the potential cost involved in the case of failure.


Through quantifying cost and risk, you gain insight into how best to use your maintenance budget, and where to best allocate resources. The result is a highly effective maintenance regime, one which allows you to control costs while minimizing potential disruptions.