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Retailers can increase conversion rates by matching staffing with demand. We show them how.

The right staff

When it comes to increasing sales, one of the most effective tools a retailer has is also one of the most simple: provide excellent service. The opposite is also true. If you do not have enough staff to attend to visitors during peak times, you are losing valuable opportunities.


We help retailers increase conversion rates by showing them how to orient their resource planning to demand. The results can be eye-opening: for example, it is often your best-performing store that contains the most potential, not the laggards.


Deploy your staff in the right place, at the right time.

By analyzing your visitor data, we can develop accurate visitor forecasts for a number of different scenarios. This includes everything from intra-day forecasting to expected visitor numbers on given workdays through to seasonal variation and estimating the effect of outside factors like the weather. We can also show you if your marketing activities or special promotions are having the desired effect.


Most importantly, our methods help you increase conversion rates by ensuring you have the right staffing at the right times in those locations most likely to generate additional sales.


The result is satisfied customers and increased revenues – all thanks to a simple and cost-effective reworking of your resource planning.