Production & Logistics

Anyone responsible for a production facility or logistics network knows how complex such undertakings can be. We use our expertise in data analysis and simulation to help companies plan and optimize production and logistics setups. We also use these techniques to help them optimize their resource planning, whether in terms of material, equipment or personnel. In addition, we engineer software solutions that can help in implementation. Our methods help you visualize your setup, discover any overlooked potential, and see the effects of various scenarios before you make costly investments. This can be a powerful and above all cost-efficient tool to help you make sure that you always do the right thing.

Reduce risk of planning

Planning new manufacturing and logistics facilities

Building a new production or logistics facility is a complex and expensive undertaking. There are a number of important decisions to make: What is the best strategy? What is the maximum capacity I need? Can I achieve this with my available resources? How can I optimize my space, maintenance planning, material, equipment and personnel costs? Are there potential bottlenecks or other things I might have overlooked? We can help you find answers to these and other important questions in the planning phase, either as you are developing your ideas, or as a means to test the plans you already have. Through our models and simulations you will see the likely result of your actions ahead of time, before you make a costly investment.

Right-sizing of facilities

Optimizing manufacturing and logistics setups

There are many reasons why you might want to modify an existing production facility or logistics setup. Perhaps you are looking to optimize your processes. Perhaps you need to expand to meet rising demand. Perhaps you want to increase the service level you can offer your customers. At ASE, we can analyze your existing processes, model them, and provide you with powerful – and often extremely revealing – simulations. With them, you can identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, make well-founded decisions on how much space you need, develop robust and efficient maintenance and personnel plans, and more. In our experience, it is often the small things – a change in a process, a fine-tuning of the value chain – that make the most difference. This knowledge can potentially save you a lot of money, while helping you increase efficiencies and better serve your clients.

Right-planning of resources

Optimal resource planning in manufacturing and logistics

A key to success in manufacturing and logistics is the optimal use of resources, whether material, equipment or personnel. Achieving the right balance can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. In the real world, where change is the norm and surprises frequent, it can be daunting. At ASE, we help our clients rightsize their resource utilization both when things are running smoothly, and when the unexpected occurs. Using your existing data we model your historical resource use, helping to uncover important trends. The information we gather is then used as a basis for powerful simulations that help you look into the future. How well are you set up to react to changes in demand? Can you predict such changes? Which contingencies should you prepare for, and which not? These simulations can help you optimize your resource planning. They can also provide valuable information for optimizing yield management and improving your service level. As a result, you may find you can do more with less, increasing capacity and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.