Pedestrian Simulation Pedestrian Simulation

The science of pedestrian flow simulation is relatively new, and rapidly evolving. As experts in the field, we stay on top of the advances and always employ state-of-the-art methodology.

Going with the flow

Being able to accurately model and simulate pedestrian flows requires a clear understanding of how people move through open spaces, both singly and in groups.


This information can be useful in any number of scenarios, from ensuring crowd safety at large events to providing better ease of motion, and hence comfort, in a store.


Pedestrian flow simulation software supports ASE in the dynamic analysis of pedestrian flows and evacuation of public facilities.

We are leading experts in the relatively young, and rapidly evolving, science of pedestrian flows. As one of our core competencies, we constantly keep on top of developments in the field, making sure to always employ state-of-the-art methodology and insights in our projects. We routinely take standard products and enhance them based on our own experience and know-how, and conduct our own research to contribute to a better understanding of this important area.