Pedestrian Flows

Making sure that pedestrian traffic can flow safely and efficiently through an area is one of the most important tasks facing architects, city planners and others involved in the development of large public or private spaces. At ASE, we specialize in the gathering and analysis of pedestrian flow data, including robust, detailed, scenario-based simulations. Whether it is planning regulatory-compliant evacuation or fire protection concepts, designing a shopping mall or railway station, or just deciding where to place a display case in your store – our services give you insights to help plan and implement effective concepts to address the needs of all those passing through your space on foot.

Railway Stations, Public Transport and Airports

Pedestrian analytic systems for cost-efficiency and safety

Mobility presents a central and global challenge for any country. Public transport is not only of great importance today, but its significance will increase in the future. Therefore, managing operators count on smart solutions to overcome capacity limitations occurring at peak times as well as to increase security measures and the comfort of their passengers.

ASE provides their customers important decision criteria and planning assistance with their unparalleled combination of tracking, pedestrian flow analysis, forecasting and simulation.

  • Capacity calculations
  • Tracking of the pedestrian flow
  • Movement patterns at the platform
  • Trajectories (speed and direction)
  • Densities
  • Usage surveys
  • Operative optimizations
  • Development forecasting
  • Planning of new infrastructure

Sustainable Mobility

Innovative combined modelling of passenger flows

An increase in mobility requires innovative solutions for new traffic and transportation challenges within urban structures. Additional and changing development areas will have to be made accessible. Combined pedestrian and public transport systems need to correspond to the new pedestrian flows. ASE takes the approach of combined tracking and modelling. This way, reliable and precise results can be achieved for a long-term and comprehensive approach, for today and for the future.

Visitor Flows

Intelligent measurement and analytic systems of visitor flows

Besucherströme, beispielsweise in Shopping-Centern und Museen unterscheiden sich stark von den Personenbewegungen im Verkehr. Wir beraten Sie bei der Positionierung von Attraktionen und Ladeflächen sowie bei der Planung von Neu- und Umbauten. Mit Hilfe unserer intelligenten Messsysteme erfassen Sie bestehende Ströme und Aufenthaltszeiten erfassen und optimieren damit laufend Ihre Einrichtungen.

Demand Planning

Exact forecasts for planning and infrastructures

The data generated from our person tracking and analysis system are not yet final. Based on the data recorded, we support you with the planning of your resources and infrastructure. Our statistical know-how adds the greatest value to your business. We create visitor forecasts and identify the source and destination of your customers. In the long-term we show you the direction and the potential of your space and support you regarding the planning of your future developments.

Safe buildings

Cost-effective evacuation and fire safety concepts

The ability to quickly and efficiently evacuate a building in an emergency is one of the most important factors in ensuring the safety of residents and visitors. That is why evacuation planning is a central part of any architectural concept – and why it is governed by strict regulation. While your first priority will always be to ensure your building is safe, designing evacuation routes strictly according to the rules, without considering the specific conditions at your location, can often lead to overly costly and, in many cases, legally unnecessary measures. We can help you develop effective, fully compliant evacuation and fire safety concepts correctly dimensioned to the effective needs of your existing or planned infrastructure.

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