Pedestrian Counting Systems Pedestrian Counting Systems

People counting and analysis systems can be of great use to retailers and others needing to keep track of people flows. We can show you how to get the most out of today’s equipment.

Counting toes

Good decisions require accurate data. As experts in pedestrian counting and analysis, we offer our clients access to the latest, most sophisticated sensor technology. But even the best sensor does not help if not properly used.


ASE's system is modular and flexible. It enables the integration of third-party systems and ensures the retention of historical data.

That's why we offer our clients comprehensive solutions. We can advise you on how many sensors you really need and the best places to put them. We can then integrate them into your systems or ours, giving you access to real-time data as well as providing you with sophisticated analyses and simulations.


Whether retail intelligence, crowd management or in any other area where you need to count people, you can be sure that your decisions are based on the most accurate, detailed and reliable information.