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ASE is made up of a team of highly-trained specialists who share a love for practical solutions to complex problems. This combination of theoretical know-how and a hands-on approach defines who we are and how we work.

Making it work

ASE is an owner-operated consultancy. We are staffed by a young and dynamic team of engineers from a wide variety of disciplines. Besides loving what we do, we all share a passion for making things work: for turning theoretical knowledge into practical solutions. This is evident in our backgrounds. Almost all of us served professional apprenticeships, gaining hands-on experience in various industry settings, before going on to earn advanced degrees in our fields. We think this combination of expertise and a practical, hands-on approach defines us an organization, and has been a key to our success and the success of our clients.

While we are all highly trained engineers, we don’t work in an ivory tower. Our goal is always to use the latest technology and methods to find practical solutions that work in the real world.

The human touch

Although we are engineers, we are very aware of how important the human element is in successfully implementing change. As mentioned above, most of us served industrial apprenticeships before earning our degrees. That means we are used to working hands-on within an organization, and that we understand both management’s perspectives and priorities and those of employees. In doing our analyses, we gather the broadest possible perspectives, because good ideas can come from anywhere. Our skill in helping clients visualize solutions can also be used to help them explain change to all levels of their organization, something we think is very important to success, and which we are keen to support.


Uri Schtalheim

CEO, Dipl. Ing. FH. Data Analysis and Process Design

Uri Schtalheim specializes in the quantitative analysis and optimization of dynamic processes. After his studies he completed an internship in the research department of the Swiss National Bank. Afterwards, as a consultant at Savannah – Simulations AG, he developed models for the dynamic description of content management systems. Later on he designed and developed demand forecast and concepts for optimizing traffic flow at SBB Cargo.

Uri Schtalheim decided to join ASE because of the great demand for quantitative methods for describing dynamic systems.

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Sebastian Ropers

Dir. Business Development

Sebastian is experienced in urban development, retail and transport. With his background as an entrepreneur as well as program director, he understands the needs and drives of our corporate clients. His passion for a good deal for everyone opens new creative paths that align perfectly with the constant expansion of ASE.



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Silvia Keller

CEO Assistant, HR, office manager

Silvia Keller is CEO assistant and office manager at ASE. After her studies at the commercial college, Silvia Keller lived in Italian-speaking Ticino for several years. Back home in German-speaking Switzerland, she took a break from professional life to raise her children, donating her spare time to several organisations and social events. Now, she is back to work on a part-time basis.



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Lukas Gamper

Head of Pedestrian Counting System, BSc ZFH in Engineering and Management

Lukas Gamper joined ASE in 2014. He had studied quantitative and qualitative analysis of business processes as part of his degree in industrial engineering at Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

Since 2015 Lukas Gamper has been leading our people counting systems team and also works as a project leader in this area.


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Homajun Ahadyar

Pedestrian Counting System, BSc in Computer Science, with Specialisation in Enterprise Computing UAS Zurich

Homajun Ahadyar has been working at ASE specializing in people counting systems and has been responsible for order processing and project management, as well as for systems support and maintenance.



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Stefan Ott

Data and Process Management, BSc ZFH in Engineering and Management

During his studies in Engineering and Management at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Stefan Ott's studies focused on quantitative and qualitative process analysis. He has been working at ASE since 2010 and mainly realises projects in the areas of software-based maintenance and sustainment management for technical infrastructures. In close cooperation with our customers, he designs process-based concepts and serves as liaison between customers and IT.


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Fabian Lang

Pedestrian Counting System

Fabian Lang is technical specialist in the Pedistrian Counting System.He makes sure the projects run smothly and Support and Maintenance are of the highest standard. He is also involved in the development and application of new technologies.



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Basil Vitins

Head of Modelling and Simulation, Dr. Sc. ETH Zurich

Basil Vitins specialized in optimizing and modeling transportation infrastructure during his master's degree studies at ETH Zurich. During his subsequent employment at Rapp Trans AG, he finalized multiple travel demand and supply models for various Swiss cities, and successfully applied them in travel demand forecast studies and infrastructure evaluations. During his doctoral studies at ETH Zurich, Basil Vitins established specific design recommendations for interdependent transport infrastructure such as network topologies and traffic hubs. He has contributed to work on various research projects in transportation as well as regional planning, modeling and simulation. For example, he evolved a new discrete destination choice model during his latest temporary posting in Singapore. He has also been continually improving his computer science skills.

Basil Vitins has been working at ASE since 2015 as a project manager in the fields of modeling, simulation, crowd management as well as optimization, safety and evacuation of high-use transport infrastructure. He also teaches transportation modeling at ETH Zurich.

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Julia Wysling

Modelling and Simulation, MSc ETH Mathematics

During Julia Wyslings Master studies in Mathematics at the ETH, she specialized in the fields of optimization and statistical data analysis. For her Master thesis at the «Institute for Operations Research» at the ETH she dealt with the optimal redistribution of loads in networks. During her studies, Julia already felt the importance of understanding the applications of Mathematics, which is why she didn’t just attend her regular lectures but combined her studies in Mathematics with subjects involving the field of transportation planning. This sparked her interest in modelling complex transport networks.


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Mirwais Tayebi

Head of Software Engineering, MSc ETH Computer Science

Mirwais is head of software engineering team and an ardent ScrumMaster aiming to adjust and improve each development iteration. Responsible for design, architecture and development of software products and customer solutions, Mirwais enjoys applying his skills through a variety of technologies. He is a tireless learner and an in time adopter of new and promising trends in computer science.

Since joining ASE in 2009, Mirwais and his team have successfully implemented web applications, REST APIs, windows services and data integration projects. Prior to ASE he completed an intership as a developer at the SIX Group.

Mirwais holds an MSc in computer science from ETH Zurich and a BSc from University of Geneva.

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Nikolay Kunev

Software Engineering

Since November 2016, Nikolay Kunev is supporting the team of software engineering as an application developer and will realize customized product solutions for ASE. His career in the field started with his sound apprenticeship in application development, which he successfully completed in 2013. Since then, Nikolay has accumulated a few years of work experience as a developer and has been studying at the same time to gain his technical baccalaureate. Later Nikolay plans to study software development in addition to his professional activities at ASE.


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Asutosh Satapathy

Software Engineering

During the last few years, Asutosh has specialized in Software Architecture and Big Data Analysis. He graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology in Rourkela, India. After that, he worked as a software developer and data scientist for around three years in two well-known international companies, Sapient and Caterpillar. In 2014, he decided to join the master program in software engineering at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA. After his graduation, Asutosh supported the Agile and Dexterous Robotics Lab at ETH Zurich as a robotics software engineer, where he developed Unix drivers for a wide variety of robots.

Recently he joined ASE as a software engineer. Asutosh is an end-to-end product developer (full-stack engineering) who takes a wide view of the whole system.

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