One of the biggest challenges facing those responsible for large technical infrastructure – like a building, factory, or road network – is maintenance planning. Just keeping track of all the equipment is a major challenge, as is finding the most effective strategy to take care of it. With insufficient maintenance you run the financial and reputational risks of equipment failure. With inefficient planning you run the risk of spending more than you need. We help companies develop maintenance plans that balance proper foresight with cost efficiency. Whether in the data analysis, planning or implementation phases, we support clients in finding robust but sensible answers to their maintenance planning quandaries.

Data gathering und analysis

Systematic gathering and analysis of maintenance-relevant data

Modern infrastructure is extremely complex, with lots of interdependent parts. Just getting an overview of all the different pieces of equipment you have, and how they work together, is no trivial task. It requires data gathering, classifying and analysis skills which may not be part of your core competencies. We help you conduct a systematic analysis of your equipment, including developing guidelines for the gathering of the data and implementing consistent data classification and naming schemes. We also help you gather the data, either by coming to your site and gathering the data ourselves, or using information you provide. The resulting data set, including dependencies, can make it easier for you to visualize your setup and therefore make better, more effective maintenance decisions.

Risk-based maintenance planning

Using a risk-based approach to develop optimal maintenance plans

The key to a cost-effective maintenance strategy is the development of a robust but sensible maintenance plan. The stakes are high: how can you be sure to have the right replacement parts on hand, and carry out the necessary preventive maintenance, without overspending on unnecessary work? We specialize in helping clients develop risk-based approaches to maintenance and replacement strategies that result in robust plans for regular maintenance as well as preparation for the most likely emergencies. Using the data gathered from an inventory of your installation, we can calculate likely failure rates, find out which failures are the most costly, and help you dedicate the right resources at the right time to the right parts of your plant. The result is optimal – and cost effective – preparedness.

A sophisticated maintenance tool

Comprehensive support carrying out your maintenance plan

The best maintenance plan is not much use if it is not correctly implemented. To make your plan work, you will need to be able to keep track of the status of your equipment in real time, manage your upgrade plans, schedule your employees, keep an overview of all completed and planned work, and procure equipment and spare parts in a sensible way. With our extensive experience in analyzing maintenance setups as well as developing and implementing effective maintenance strategies, our teams can support you in all these areas. Based on an analysis of your specific needs, we can help identify the most effective solution. To aid in this, we developed SMARTEQ (the System for Maintenance and Renewal of Technical Equipment). Perhaps the most sophisticated tool on the market for maintenance planning, SMARTEQ offers a well-designed, web-based environment which is both easy-to-use and powerful. As its name implies, it can help you be smart about your equipment, providing peace of mind to you and those who depend on your infrastructure.

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