History History

Although we are a young, dynamic engineering consultancy, our roots extend back almost 20 years.

On the road

ASE traces its roots back to a company founded in Switzerland by Alex Schtalheim in 1996. The company developed a software, unique at the time, to support the maintenance of electrical and other installations on roads. The product was subsequently implemented in a number of Swiss cantons and the company focused on this service. Upon Alex Schtalheim's retirement in 2007, ASE was taken over by his son Uri and another partner. Since 2015 Uri Schtalheim is in charge of 100% of ASE. Building a team of engineers with strong data analysis, simulation and IT development skills, the new management set about expanding the company’s offering.

Spreading out

Since then, ASE has grown in several directions. The original software for road maintenance was expanded into the company’s SMARTEQ product, which supports maintenance planning and implementation in a wide variety of settings. In doing so the company also greatly enhanced its know-how in the area of maintenance and technical asset management, and now offers a full suite of related consultancy services. At the same time, ASE began taking on projects from government agencies and private enterprises in the areas of production, logistics, supply chain management, traffic control and the like. It also built up a very successful practice in pedestrian flow analysis and prediction, carrying out projects in the areas of retail intelligence (helping retailers maximize sales through better customer volume predictions) and crowd management (including for the Swiss rail system, some of Switzerland’s largest concert venues, and as crowd management consultants on some of the country’s largest public events).

ASE today

Today, ASE provides a broad range of government and private sector clients with services in the following areas:

  • Retail Intelligence
  • Pedestrian Flows
  • Crowd Management
  • Maintenance
  • Production & Logistics

It currently employs 11 people and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.