Flexsim Flexsim

Flexsim is the industry standard for modeling and manufacturing processes. We can help you get the most out of its vast capabilities.

Flexing your models

High-quality simulations require powerful software. We work with Flexsim, the industry standard for modeling, analyzing, visualizing and ultimately optimizing business and manufacturing processes.


Flexsim provides an object-oriented, 3D simulation environment that makes it easy for clients to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement as well as test ideas before investing in expensive solutions.


Simulate your process to the last detail.

Like any powerful tool, however, it requires training and skill to use. To get the most out of Flexsim it also helps to have a strong grasp of the theory: how simulations work, the best way to construct models, and other related know-how.


As the authorized distributor for Flexsim in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, we regularly support clients with just this kind of expertise. We would be glad to assist you across your whole project, helping you develop your models, ensure their validity, run the simulations, and interpret the results. We can also support parts of the project, for example providing training on the software or advice with techniques and approach.


Either way: with ASE, you will be unlocking Flexsim’s full potential – and with it, that of your organization.