Data and Process Management Data and Process Management

One of the biggest challenges in maintaining a large technical installation is keeping track of all the moving parts. We can help.

Keeping track

Any large installation or structure, whether a highway, factory or building, has lots of interconnected parts. To develop a robust maintenance strategy, you need an accurate, and always up-to-date, inventory of equipment and dependencies. Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done.


We help you keep track of your technical assets.

As experts in asset management for technical installations, we support clients in developing equipment inventories and maintaining them over time. Our services cover the whole lifecycle: We help you identify all relevant data sources (including those you may not currently be aware of), develop efficient data-gathering processes which take into account your available resources and interfaces, and train your staff. If desired, we can collect the data for you.


We also define processes to ensure your data stays up-to-date, an important consideration in today’s dynamic environments. Asset management for technical installations is a continuous process. With ASE’s support, it need not be an arduous one.