Crowd Management

Public events attracting large crowds can be a great way to enhance the reputation of a city, municipality, or venue. Yet large crowds also pose grave risks. We have a lot of experience helping clients develop crowd management concepts to help reduce risks by identifying potential dangers and suggesting countermeasures. This includes defining evacuation strategies, optimizing pedestrian routes, and ensuring the right amount and correct placement of safety and rescue personnel. As well as safe, a successful event should be enjoyable. We can show you how crowd management techniques can be used to develop optimal pedestrian flow concepts, ensuring maximum comfort and ease for your visitors.

Safer events

Crowd management concepts for safe events

When planning for a mega event attracting large crowds, your first priority will always be safety. It can be difficult, however, for planners to find practical and reliable guidelines. At ASE, we have worked with the police, government safety and traffic personnel, as well as researchers from the top universities and institutes in Switzerland to develop and codify a set of basic but powerful crowd management principles. Combining these with our data measurement and analysis skills in pedestrian flow and related areas, we help clients apply these techniques to their specific situation. We can evaluate your site or event, help you develop robust evacuation and safety concepts, as well as optimally position health and safety personnel. The result is confidence that, from a people flow perspective, your event is safe and that you are well-prepared for the amount of people coming your way.

Area Analysis

Wide area analysis regarding people flows

When it comes to obtaining a grant for festival venues, ASE is your partner, offering competent support and unique expertise drawing on many years of experience. Together with the police, the urban transport departments, as well as the rescue services, important principles for operation in regard to crowd management were devised. In addition, we developed effective formulas for the evaluation of areas based on the latest research findings by the ETH Zürich and other institutions. Potential dangers can thus be detected in advance and appropriate solutions can be found.

Evacuation Concepts

Evacuation concepts for highly frequented areas

Tragic incidents at popular mega events have made it clear to the wider public just how vital well planned safety and evacuation procedures are. Nowadays, it is essential to plan with foresight the evacuation in areas with high visitor frequencies and to identify in advance critical areas, such as bottlenecks. ASE can read and evaluate accurately complex situations with high people densities and present realistic scenarios.  

Rescue and Emergency

Optimal positioning of rescue teams at mega events

One of the most important safety aspects at large events is the strategic deployment of the rescue and emergency services that despite high crowd densities need to be as soon as possible at an emergency scene. Our unique know-how combined with our proven evaluation criteria enables us to plan together with the rescue services the optimal positioning of your rescue teams taking into account the site in general and pedestrian flows.

Better experiences

Improved visitor experience through optimized pedestrian flows

Mega events enjoy great popularity and are increasingly becoming an integral part of many cities’ and regions’ calendar of events. Correspondingly high are the visitor numbers. Apart from the safety issues, a central requirement for such events is to provide a compelling visitor experience. Smooth pedestrian flows help to ensure that visitors do not only feel safe, but also at ease. In order to enable pleasant pedestrian flows, ASE proposes to assist event organizers already at the planning stage to factor in visitor mobility, entry and exits points, and signage to all exits and emergency exits. A fabulous visitor experience leads to a successful and unforgettable event.

Live Crowd Monitor

Fast reaction thanks to real-time people density and intelligent logic

Ever higher people densities at large events can pose substantial risks for the wellbeing of all visitors, if not properly managed. Event planners are required to react fast in difficult situations. For this reason, ASE has developed the Crowd Monitor. The people densities are captured by sensors in selected places and evaluated in real-time. By applying intelligent logic, terms for various alarm levels can be defined. Any complex situation can be digitally processed and presented in a detailed and clear format to the security personnel. In case of a critical situation, an immediate call to action is triggered, ensuring that the staff responsible is always on the safe side.

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