Crowd Management Principles Crowd Management Principles

Mega events are becoming increasingly popular, but large outdoor crowds can be unsafe. We have been working with academia and government on a set of crowd management principles for open spaces – the first of their kind.

Above the crowd

There has been a marked increase in the number of so-called “mega events” being staged in cities around the world. Some, like the "Züri Fäscht", the city festival in Zurich, attracts millions of people. In 2016 more than two millions of people visited the Zurich city festival. Such gatherings add to a city’s reputation, and can be a lot of fun. But tragedies like Duisburg remind us that large crowds can also be unsafe.


While a lot of research has been conducted on crowd management and evacuation inside buildings or stadiums, these principles do not necessarily apply to open, urban spaces. As part of our many mandates supporting the authorities in Switzerland – including for the Street Parade – we have been working closely with the police, government agencies and academia to fill this gap.


ASE supports the authorities with easy-to-use calculation formulas for the evaluation of event areas.

The crowd management principles for large outdoor events we helped develop are the first of their kind in the world. They provide a sound basis for our clients looking to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for event participants, no matter how many there are.


Combined with our data gathering and analysis skills, they also give government authorities and other responsible parties reliable information with which to make safety decisions. That provides peace of mind for all involved.