ASE uses sophisticated data analysis and modeling to help organizations untangle complex problems. We provide clarity and predictability, so you can reach your full potential.

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2 weeks ago

Metro Singapore (MRT): Even more comfort for passengers

ASE improves travel comfort at metro stations with their Pedestrian Analytics Systems (PAS) and simulations

3 weeks ago

ASE about Mega Events in TV Program «Schweiz aktuell» SRF1

ASE in the Media

With his unique expertise CEO Uri Schtalheim talks about people flows in mega events in the TV program «Schweiz aktuell» on SRF1.

4 weeks ago

New Tram Stop Hardbrücke: better and safer flows for passengers

ASE supports the Zurich Public Transport (VBZ) and the city of Zurich with their state-of-the-art people counting systems

1 month ago

ASE at People Movement & Management Show (UK) on July 19, 2017

ASE is participating at the international People Movement & Management Show in Derby (UK)

3 months ago

ASE at SmartSuisse in Basel on April 27, 2017

ASE will present its state-of-the-art products and services for the challenges of urbanization

4 months ago

ASE’s success story in Holland continues

ASE equips three additional major railway stations in Holland

4 months ago

SBB and BAV rely on ASE’s state-of-the-art tracking systems

ASE’s data systems are the basis for enhancing the saftey on the platforms

4 months ago

ASE Crowd Management in focus

ASE in the Media

ASE Crowd Management is currently in the media!

5 months ago

Dutch Rail: Keeping safe while saving money

ASE released the Crowd Monitor at dutch railway station

6 months ago

ASE wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year!

The ASE-Team wishes a wonderful Christmas time and a great start into the year 2017.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you warmly for the great and trusting cooperation. We look forward to an exciting year with many interesting joint projects! 

6 months ago

Welcome on board Nikolay!

Since November 2016, Nikolay Kunev is supporting the team of software engineering as an application developer

7 months ago

ASE are playing in the English Premier League

Pedestrian Analytics System by ASE in one of the English Premier League Megastores

8 months ago

Welcome on board Julia!

In October 2016 the mathematician Julia Wysling joined the team of Modelling and Simulation

9 months ago

Media response: Lucerne implements ASE's recommendations for action

ASE in the Media

Lucerne, a pioneer city in security management, takes immediate crowd management measures for Fasnacht 2017

10 months ago

Analysis of the Badenfahrt 2017

An examination of the safety and well-being of visitors to Badenfahrt 2017

10 months ago

The ASE-team is growing

Fabian Lang joins our team of Pedestrian Counting System

10 months ago

Successful crowd management at 25th Street Parade

Mega party thanks to crowd management

11 months ago

Intelligent generator for the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO)

High quality and efficiency in equipment labeling

11 months ago

Bollag-Guggenheim Fashion Group & ASE

Retail Intelligence from ASE at Bollag-Guggenheim Fashion Group

12 months ago

Crowd management of ASE at "Züri-Fäscht" 2016 - the city festival in Zurich

Maximum safety despite a milion audience!

12 months ago


ASE very attractive for libraries!

1 year ago

ASE analyses the pedestrian traffic lanes at the train station in Bern

Jam-free through the train station - ASE analyses separate pedestrian traffic lanes for SBB

1 year ago

SMARTEQ Release 2.5

SMARTEQ is even more user-friendly!

1 year ago

ASE @ K Kiosk, Press & Books and Relay

K Kiosk and P&B rely on Retail Intelligence from ASE

1 year ago

ASE in The Netherlands

ASE quality and know-how for the Netherlands Railways (NS)

1 year ago

ISO 9001

ASE is now ISO 9001 certified!

1 year ago

ASE in Finland

ASE equipped more than 80 Retail-Stores all Around Finland

1 year ago

Die ASE beurteilt die Sicherheit an der Luzerner Fasnacht

ASE in the Media

Das Thema Crowd Management während der Fasnacht Luzern wird in der Neuen Luzerner Zeitung diskutiert.

2 years ago

ASE wünscht eine frohe Weihnachtszeit!

Wir bedanken uns herzlich für das entgegengebrachte Vertrauen und freuen uns auf die weitere, erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit.


2 years ago

Neue Crowd Management Analyse für die Badenfahrt

Die ASE ist beauftragt worden, das wichtige Thema Crowd Management für die Badenfahrt zu bearbeiten.

2 years ago

Diamond Reports Version 1.1 veröffentlicht

Die neue Version von Diamond Reports unterstützt die Auswertung von Aufenthaltsdaten.

2 years ago

Das Team Modellierung und Simulation ist gewachsen

Neuer Mitarbeiter im Bereich Modellierung und Simulation

2 years ago

ASE wieder an der Häringsstrasse

Die ASE ist wieder zurück an die Häringstrasse 20 in Zürich gezogen.

2 years ago

Die neue Homepage ist da!

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen unsere neue Homepage präsentieren zu können.

2 years ago

ASE in der Luzerner Zeitung

ASE in the Media

ASE führt eine Evakuationssimulation im Vorfeld der Luzerner Fasnacht durch.

3 years ago

ASE im Schweiz Aktuell

ASE in the Media

ASE als Experte für Corwd Managemnet in Schweiz aktuell.

4 years ago

ASE in der NZZ

ASE in the Media

ASE überwacht den Personenfluss vor dem Brezelkönigstand auf dem Perron im Bahnhof Winterthur.

4 years ago

ASE in 10vor10

ASE in the Media

ASE als Sicherheitsexperten in 10vor10 Beitrag.