Diamond Reports Diamond Reports

Enabling optimisation through insight

Diamond Reports is a customisable and user-friendly software solution that allows you
to create detailed reports based on a number of complementary data sources. Diamond
Reports transforms the raw data into meaningful and useful information, leading to more
effective and operational insights and decision-making. Through counting pedestrians,
measuring performance, density, speed and flow, users can compare pedestrian behav-
iour within different periods or within different locations.

Painting the complete picture

With Diamond Reports you gain access to a broad range of insights across various data
sources as well as the ability to visualise these in a multitude of diagrams, timeframes and
scales. Underpinning all of this is a high-performance data warehouse built for the integra-
tion of multiple data streams into one single easy-to-use reporting solution. Additionally,
advanced users can generate their own dashboards for sophisticated data analysis.

Cloud and local hosting

Most customers ask for an accessible, scalable, safe and flexible data storage solution.
ASE offers two different hosting models:

You can either choose to integrate our solution holistically into your existing IT environment
or utilise our cloud-based solution. All data is secure and available online 24/7 and data
backups, periodic procedures, utilities and software updates are all managed for you.

Monitoring and alerting

The system monitors itself, and reports all irregularities to the system administrator, so that
malfunctions can be remedied and data quality maintained.

  • Monitoring of all system components
  • Plausibility checks of data
  • Database capacity and performance

Key Features

  • Interactive live dashboards enabling a continuous overview
  • Integration of different measurement data
  • Forecast values
  • Administration of user accounts
  • Access from various devices (mobile-friendly)

Competitive advantage

ASE’s prediction module demonstrates an innovation in the field of intelligence. You com-
pare today’s data with yesterday’s, last month’s or even last years. Through processing
weather, live traffic feed, holidays and events, the expected pedestrian flow can be pre-
dicted to an unrivalled precision. Forecasts can be made weeks in advance, so that you
understand pedestrian behaviour in various situations. This allows you to prevent capacity
bottlenecks or idle times, schedule staff when it is truly needed, analyse conversion rates,
and reduce costs, all at the same time.